Eduardo Calvillo

I created this hub because I have way too many places online.
I have: a blog

About me

Information about me, what do I think and things I do that are not for profit. Mainly in Spanish, sometimes in English, other times in Spanglish, always non-sequitour.

  • My original blog since 2001ish, Pairos Y Cronopios. Random ideas, short, long, stupid or clever. Mainly in Spanish.
  • My personal twitter account, @ehcg. The Twitter equivalent of an old man yelling at a cloud. Mainly in Spanish.
  • Another blog, but now ehcg@Medium . Longer, better structured, essays or ideas about what I think of the world.

Professional Life

What I do professionally and for profit. I also try to write regularly my ideas on the tech world. Mainly in English.

  • My online CV. I provide a bit more insight to the different roles I have had.
  • The blog from MezcalDigital - MezcalDigital@Medium . My ideas about UX, Agile, and being digital.
  • The My professional Twitter account. Interesting links to relevant subjects.
  • Another online CV, but now social at LinkedIn .
  • I was once an active academic, My Google Scholar profile has links to all my publications. I don't really publish anymore, but I am proud of what I did. I also have a ResearchGate, Academia and Mendeley profiles, but I do not really use them.
  • I gave once a TEDx talk (in Spanish), it can be seen in YouTube.

For friends and family

As I am an immigrant roaming the world, I find social networks help me stay in touch with my family back in Mexico, and with friends I have made along the road. I only accept people I know.